Light Steel Building Solutions

Light SteelBuildingSolutions

  • Bunglows and Villas

    Bungalows and Villas

  • Comercial Buildings

    Commercial Buildings

  • Schools, Hospitals, Nursing Homes

    Schools, Hospitals, Nursing Homes

  • Hotels and Resorts

    Hotels and Resorts

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Light Steel Building Solutions

Light SteelBuildingSolutions

What is a Light Steel Building?

  • The Light Steel Building process begins with detailed computer model of your building, which is engineered and virtually framed with cutting-edge design software.
  • The steel framing is designed and manufactured into large simplified sections, each with pre-punched holes for mechanical and electrical runs, precise window and door openings, integrated structural supports and specified sub-sheathing systems.
  • The entire framing package is assembled within a controlled indoor production facility, delivered directly to the site.
  • The installation crew installs the complete frame work on site. Appropriate cladding, weather proofing and finishing is done at site as per specifications and finish of your choice.
  • We offer unparalleled design flexibility and a wide range of cladding, roofing and glazing options.
  • Our experts assess your needs and workout the most cost-effective design solutions that meets your need.
  • The Light Steel Buildings thus finished look no different from brick and mortar buildings.

Advantage Light Steel Building

  • Faster Construction
    Faster Construction

    Time taken for construction can be reduced by up to 50%

  • Superior Quality
    Earthquake Resistant

    Steel structures are supremely robust and earthquake resistant

  • Greater Durability
    Greater Durability

    Steel framing is unaffected by temperature and humidity changes

  • Steel is Recycled
    Steel is Recycled

    Steel is 100% recyclable and hence it does not contribute to depletion of environment

  • Ozone-friendly Materials
    Ozone-friendly Materials

    The insulation used in the walls, roof and floor is made of ozone-friendly materials

  • Less Waste, Less Pollutants
    Less Waste, Less Pollutants

    Light steel reduces waste and subsequently lowers waste disposal and removal costs

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Light Steel is Green

Steel delivers a number of unique environmental benefits such as product longevity, recyclability, easy transportation and less raw material wastage

  • Light Steel can be recycled indefinitely without losing any of its qualities
  • Light Steel Building can be dismantled and re-erected elsewhere
  • Steel framed buildings can be very energy efficient
  • Steel frame buildings remain more airtight
  • Steel frame buildings offerdesign flexibility
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Light Steel is Green

Build Anything...

using a wide range of modular building solutions

  • Homes
  • Residential Apartments
    Residential Apartments
  • Commercial Buildings
    Commercial Buildings
  • Hostels
  • Hospitals
  • Resorts
  • Schools

...the possibilities are limitless

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About JSW

About JSW

A multi-billion-dollar conglomerate

JSW Steel is the flagship company of the JSW Group and is one of India’s largest integrated steel manufactures. With a capacity of 18.3 MTPA, never a day goes by without making significant contributions to a nation that’s making progress through leaps and bounds.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra, it places innovation and quality at its cornerstone. A manufacturing philosophy that is reflected in everyone among a gamut of steel products Like Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled, Bare & Pre-painted Galvanized & Galvalume", TMT Rebars, Wire Rods and Special Steel.