Advantage Light Steel Building

Benefits of light steel building
  • Expeditious Construction
    Expeditious Construction

    Time taken for construction can be reduces by up to 50% using modular buildings techniques, which translates into an earlier return on your investment.

  • Superior Quality: No Expansion. No Contraction
    Superior Quality: No Expansion. No Contraction

    Our steel sections are of high quality ensured by zero tolerance manufacturing process. Structural steel studs, floor joists and roof trusses do not expand or contract, shrink, warp, or twist over time. This reduces the risk of drywall damage, nail pops, jamming of doors, sagging rooflines or the formation of gaps leading to costly energy loss.

  • Greater Durability
    Greater Durability

    Steel framing is unaffected by temperature and humidity changes, making your building more stable and durable. There is no need to wait for the structure to shrink as with traditional building methods.

  • Steel is Recycled
    Steel is Recycled

    Steel is 100% recyclable and hence it does not contribute to depletion of resources or degradation of the environment.

  • Ozone-friendly Materials
    Ozone-friendly Materials

    Up to 68% less energy is required to erect a modular building as compared to a traditionally built structure. The insulation used in the walls, roof and floor is made of ozone-friendly materials that have minimum impact on the environment.

  • Less waste, Less Pollutants
    Less waste, Less Pollutants

    Light steel reduces waste and subsequently lowers waste disposal and removal costs. Each component is manufactured to exact lengths. Any waste generated is recycled in the production centre. Furthermore, there are up to 90% fewer vehicle movements to and from the site. Noise and dust levels on the site are also minimized.