Light Steel is Green

Light Steel is Green
Steel delivers a number of unique environmental benefits such as product longevity, recyclability, easy transportation and less raw material wastage.
  • Much of the Steel Used to make light gauge steel framing is recycled. When a steel frame building is demolished, the steel can be recycled.

    It takes approximately one-quarter of an acre of mature trees to produce the wood framing for a typical house. The same house can be steel framed from three or four old cars.

  • Steel can be recycled indefinitely without losing any of its qualities.

    When steel building is no longer required in their current location, they can be dismantled and e-erected elsewhere.

  • Steel framed building can be very energy efficient. The Strength of steel requires fewer wall studs; so there are fewer thermal bridges to transmit heat.

    The design flexibility of steel frame buildings enables architects to focus on energy efficient housing features.

  • Steel frame buildings do not settle or warp, so they remain more airtight.