• Energy Savings Enhanced Thermal Efficiency

    Energy Savings Enhanced Thermal Efficiency

    Compared with conventional brickwork, our insulated walls conduct 90% less heat, ensuring that the interiors remain cool during summer and warm during winter. Since steel framing will not shrink or move over time, gaps or ‘thermal bridges’ that result in excessive air leakage will not be formed. This makes the building easier to heat or cool with significantly less use of energy.

  • Corrosion Resistant

    Corrosion Resistant

    Light Steel Building uses high quality steel products that are coated with ‘Zinc Aluminium’, preserving the steel’s strength by protecting it from corrosion.

  • Higher Wind Resistance

    Higher Wind Resistance

    JSW Light Steel Framing Structures are manufactured to very high tolerances, and can be engineered to withstand extreme loads such as 3 feet of snow, and 240 km/h winds.

  • Long Lasting

    Long Lasting

    Life of Building is similar to building Construction using Traditional Methods.

  • Super Seismic Performance

    Super Seismic Performance

    Steel structures are supremely robust, which means they are most resistant to seismic loads than conventional buildings and more than meet international standards for every seismic zone.